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Palermo Conference

Palermo has to be one of my most unique experiences to date, especially after being away from journalism for over two years. But that's not why it's so unique, as I did cover peace talks and high-level political events before, but this time I was my own camerawoman, editor, photographer, and on-air correspondent all thanks to technology, and the supporting team back at the channel that asked me to cover the event.

My equipment consisted of mainly my phone + 4G sim with a good data plan, and a Skype app. Canon M6 15-45mm lens + 5D mark iii 25-70mm F2.8 and my laptop.

Sadly Palermo was just another conference that didn't give any real results to the Libyans. But it maybe it marked a new chapter in my career as a media producer... Only time can tell.

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